Ecological oil

We usually harvest the fruit between the end of October and the beginning of November, when it is no longer green but has not yet finished ripening, and although the yield is lower, the result is exceptional olive juice.

Every day, a few hours later, the olives go to the refinery and are subjected to a sophisticated system of cold oil extraction, all this quickly so that they do not lose any of their organoleptic characteristics, especially polyphenols.

The oil is stored for a time in stainless steel tanks, at a controlled temperature, until it is packaged and distributed for consumption as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Gossalba oil is certified as Organic by the CBPAE (Balearic Council of Organic Agricultural Production). It is a coupage of the three types of olives planted on the estate, with the seal of the Denomination of Origin Oil of Mallorca and excellent quality.

It is a fruity oil with aromas of almonds, apples and dry fruits with hints of herbs and bananas. In the mouth it is mildly bitter and spicy.