Gossalba to Lloret

Lloret is a small village at an altitude of 170 metres with 1277 inhabitants and 6.5kms from Gossalba.
Shortly after starting the journey, we come across magnificent houses owned by the Son Brondo estate. It looks as if the way ahead turns to the left, but you should carry straight on leaving the houses to the left and ignoring the barking dogs. Only take the left turn if you are travelling by car.

We pass by many kennels, some disused and some converted to more modern uses. There are also many surface wells or reservoirs which collect the water in the winter to be used throughout the summer.
In the centre of Lloret, around the church, there is a lovely atmosphere and some great views from behind the convent.

Information about the route

  • We recommend you do this route by bike or on foot. Most of the route is done on rural tracks apart from one short section on a secondary road with little traffic. You could also do the route by car with a few minor alterations to the route.
  • Possibility of doing it by car changing the route slightly.
  • Minimum difficulty.
  • Cirular Route.
  • Track of the route in GPX format.
  • Map of the route in PDF format.