Sant Joan is part of the community of Pla de Mallorca which encompasses all the municipalities that form the region. None of them have direct access to the sea, however the beaches of Son Serra de Marina, Colònia de Sant Pere or Es Trenc – just to name a few- are not very far away. This region, being of a relative distance from the traditional resorts of mass tourism has made it possible to the present day, to maintain a certain activity in the primary sector and where you will encounter the real Mallorca, in terms of the survival of ancestral traditions and customs, the true noble character of the Mallorca people and the best of who they are and what they have to offer.

The Catalonian singer Lluis Llach sang “my country is so small / that from the top of the top of a bell tower/ you can always see the neighboring bell tower”. These words fit perfectly with the disposition of the towns which are located in the Pla de Mallorca, separated by only a few kilometers from each other and reached by the many country lanes and roads. The surrounding, picturesque landscape is scattered with small hills and gentle slopes with perspective diaphanous including crops of cereals, beans, almond trees, olive trees (the largest grove is at Gossalba), wild olive trees, oak trees, acebuche, vineyards and small forests of pine trees.