From May 2015, work commenced on the houses at Gossalba to reform them and convert the property into an agroturismo.

It was essential to maintain the exterior aspect of the house and the original main walls remain in their original state.

What created a great deal of the work was the roof but it was worth it. It was also very laborious everything relating to the renovation and installation of all the facilities because the current tourist and safety regulations are and it is very much appreciated why – very strict and demanding.

With regard to the aspect of energy, the electricity supply and a boiler combining the use of either wood or pellets were provided as a renewable energy source.

The reform was possible due to many individuals who are too many to mention, but our special thanks go to; the architect Sencho Peña Velàzquez, the construction manager Pedro Fernàndez Navarro, the engineer Bernat Jaume Ureña and the designer Jaume Moner Vasallo – all of whom were coordinated systematically by the owner Josep Bestard Porcel.